Potential Profits

Price and Time Estimates for
Resurfacing Work

Resurfacers are booking jobs weeks in advance, so there is a very high demand for new Resurfacers.

Below is an outline of the average charges so you can calculate how much work you need to do to earn the income you’d like, and how many days it would take.

The average retail charge for Resurfacing:

Kitchen Cabinets

$2500 to $3500 and takes 4-5 days.


$990 to $1500 and takes 1 day.


$1500 to $2500 and will take 2-3 days.


$440 to $600, and material cost is around $40 and will take about 4 hours. A spa will take a couple of hours longer, with an average charge of $650 to $800.

A Claw Foot Bath

A claw foot bath is a long process over acouple of weeks. It is a method of working the tub over time, and you can chargefrom $880 (inside only) up to $1800 (inside and outside with feet)