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The NAPCO Ltd products we use are supplied by Absolute Resurfacing. Our products are developed and recommended for the specified purpose of bathroom and kitchen Resurfacing. Napco coatings are the industry leader, and offer the best, with the most efficient application.

Our products meet the Californian Clean Air regulations, which are the worlds strictest, and our products are all Government approved by NICNAS – the National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme.

All products have Australian compliant labels and SDS’s.

Exclusive to you…

The point of difference we offer is our unique product range. We have the most advanced coating available worldwide, the 2 hour cure 320 Poly-Glass range.

Our Flintstone II Bench Top Coatings is a range of 28
colours we stock ready for you to order as your customer chooses them.

VIP Discounts

Once you are Resurfacing full time, we also offer discounts of 5-20% on most products.

This is based on a tiered system assessed over the previous 4 quarters of a 12 month period.