The Benefits

Amazing benefits when you sign up

  1. Our consistent trading history, and we take pride in ongoing upskilling in science, training and licensing qualifications. We have been using Napco products since 2006, and our Resurfacing Australia network was created in 2010.
  2. We have regularly appeared on national TV shows, offering strong marketing throughout Australia.
  3. Our training has been formulated and improved over the past 10 years to be what it is today. You will be trained one on one, with the focus on you learning at your own pace.
  4. We are not a Franchise and we are often asked why not. It’s really simple, they are not fair. We allow the people doing the work to keep their profits.
  5. We have the best products. No other manufacturer has been able to copy Napco since the release of their 4 hour cure product in the nineties. And even now, we are still ahead of the industry and offer a 2 hour cure Low VOC product. Some of Napco’s latest innovations include Water-Based coatings with super-low VOC and fast dry times and safer cleaning materials. Our products are tested, widely used and have specification sheets.
  6. Our reputation. We are the leaders of the Resurfacing industry and have been for the past decade.
  7. Largest and most successful Resurfacing group in Australia representing more than half the nation’s current professional Resurfacers.
  8. Reliability. All the products you need are always in stock and will be shipped when you order them.
  9. Our members. Because they share our vision, Resurfacing Australia has grown beyond all expectations to be the only nationally recognised Resurfacing brand, which all our members are proud of and support.
  10. Best of all, Resurfacing Australia is successful without needing to charge anyone Franchise Fees, Marketing Fees or Royalties.